Snooker in Estonia


Estonians have been playing snooker for over 20 years. It all began early 90´s, when first billiard club with few snooker tables was opened in Tallinn. Years passed and more clubs with snooker tables were opened. Today we have around 15 different places where is possibility to play snooker. With increased playing opprtunities more people come to play this magnificent game. Estonian Snooker Federation estimates there are around 200 amateur active snooker players in Estonia at the moment. Federation believes that within few years this number will increase even more.

First Estoninan National Championship in snooker was played in 2006. Since then snooker as competitive sport started to get more popular in Estonia. In 2008 estonian players founded the official organization - Estonian Snooker Federation. Today there is full season calendar for competitive estonian snooker. Each year snooker season in Estonia starts with 1st ranking event in september. Each month we have 1 ranking event - totally 8 events. Season concludes with Estonian snooker Championship Grand Final event, which usually will be played in the beginning of May.

New active players are always expected. Don´t be afraid to take part of estonian snooker championship events - at the moment we don´t have proffessional snooker players, all players are amateurs and training by their own. For example in 2013 there were 4 new competitive players who started to take part events and one of them became runner-up in 2013 Estonian Snooker Championship Grand Final. All information about events and tournament can be found under "tournaments/events" link. If you have additional questions, then please send us e-mail: info@snooker.ee